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Adhere Advertising Days is the sole advertising event on campus that includes workshop groups as well as a conference that brings together the leading agencies and names in the sector.

The event that took place on the 8th March 2015 brought together agencies such as Tribal WV, Universal Mccann, C-Section and Blab, as well as media personalities such as Mehmet Turgut, Burhan Öcal and Mehmet Gök for Creative Sessions. There were also various workshops that also took place at the same time such as brief readings, Imovie and creative interaction.

This year, the 9th event will take place between the 12-13 of December 2015.

Adventure Advertising Competition is realized according to the concept and brief specified by the advertising sub-committee and the sponsoring company. Following a preselection process, competitors who earn the right to participate in the final stage are expected to create their own advertising campaigns by making use of the training provided by important names from the world of advertising.

The slogan used in the previous year’s 12th Adventure, which was sponsored by Turkish Airlines and Löwe agency, was “The world in bigger, discover it!” The winning team earned the right to go to the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, the second team to the Eurobest Advertising Festival, and the third group to Çaylak Camp.

Watch this space in order not to miss Adventure 2016.

BUIK’s classic “Economic Summit”, now in its 9th year, is continuing this year from where it left off! In previous years, important names such as Gazi Erçel, İbrahim Turhan, Vedat Akgiray, Ersin Özince, Burak Saltoğlu and Refik Erzan have hosted the Economics Summit and brought important economic topics to the table.

This year, pertinent economic topics will again be discussed at the Economics Summit, which will take place in November. The topic and speakers will be announced in due course.

The Boğaziçi Brand Summit, hosted by important speakers, and one of the most eagery awaited events organized by the Boğaziçi University Management and Economics Club, will take place this year between the 9th and 10th of April.

The Summit, which is in its 3rd year, has been hosted in previous years by personalities such as Nil Karaibrahimgil, Unilever Hair Category Manager, Tarık Bayar; Lenovo Marketing Director, Aysun Kocabıyık; Alp Günvaran from P&G, the Chairman of Doğuş Media Sales Group, Ateş İnce; JWT Creative Director, Sami Basut and CNN Economics Director Emin Çapa.

Brandmaker, Turkey’s biggest and best-established club, which for 17 years has comprised of a media marketing congress, has in recent years also included a marking competition. This year, entry to the competition has been extended to other universities in the country, and is the first time that the scope of the Brandmaker Marketing Competition has been extended within the national arena to include the formation of innovative ideas and strategies.

The competition allows groups to interact and so determine the means of determining and implementing Bankmarker Marketing Challenge marketing strategies.

Applications for the 3 separate stage Brandmarker Marketing Challenge should be made at Applications must be from groups.

Dynamic Newpaper, which this year is published monthly by the sub committee, is produced with the experience that comes from age. It began life as Dynamic Magazine and has been published since 1990. Dynamic Newspaper, which features news and other features by Boğaziçi University students about Turkey and current world affairs, keeps pace with the pulse of the campus through interviews with students and surveys. The content is also bursting with other features such as interviews with important figures, articles on national and international poitical and economic affairs, club activities and campus news. Dynamic Newspaper is distributed free on our scool’s campus in places like resident halls and the canteen. For the past two years, it has been published online at In this way, the newspaper is more easily able to stay up to date and reach students. The site has quickly become well known on campus, and is the school’s only only online source of news. With its facebook, twitter, instigram and periscope accounts, Dynamic Newspaper is able to stay bang-up-to date with any and all developments.

This year, The EnterPrize Entrepneur Competion, now in its 3rd year, brings together university students with business concepts from all over Turkey together with the ecosysytem’s leading entreprenurs, investors, and educators. EnterPrize, which began in 2014, is well known all over Turkey due to the training, mentoring and financial rewards provided to competitors. Last year, EnterPrize, realized with our main sponsors Turkish Airlines (THY) and Turkey's Export Council (TIM), offered winners major prizes.

Last year, EnterPrize was comprised of three stages and organized into five different categories: Latest Technologies, Financial Technolgy, Health and Lifestyle, Urban Technologies and Solutions, Food, Fun and Games. In accordance with the evaluation committee report, competitors who succeeded in getting through the first stage began working together with mentors at the “Entreprenur Summit”. At the same time, competitors who had joined on an intensive 5-day program, gave their presentations to a jury who selected 10 projects for the final. Following a 3-week of accelerated training support for these remaining 10 projects, 3 projects were selected after final presentations. Winners were presented with prizes at a Enterprize finalists ceremony which took place at the Haliç Congress Centre. Prizes totaling 50,000TL were awarded, including a tour of Silicon Valley, special Sunday Istanbul Stock Exchange membership, and many other prizes.

Management and Economics Club, has, since its founding, adopted the principles of entreprenurship and leadership. It is for this reason that it has committed itself to providing a positive example to many other student clubs in Turkey. The HCAP (Harvard College in Asia Program), is just one of our leader and visionary activites.

The focus of the Human Resources Congress, which is this year being orgainised for the first time by Boğaziçi Univeristy Management and Economics club, is to provide a multi-directional interactive seminar. The summit, which will take place between the 28th-29th of November 2015 , while primarily being at Boğaziçi University, will be open to students to any university. The point of the congress is to provide a bridge between students interested in the sector and Human Resources and Public Relations experts as well as people who have proven themselves in academia and need to direct the actual business world. It will also feature selected speakers from the business world, and company CEO who have a particular style, in terms of HR and PR, as well as for the purpose of getting to know them. All of this makes for a varied and wide reaching event.

The Investimate Virtual Investment Competition will take place for the second year with the aim of improving financial literacy. Our competition, which is participated in by 2270 undergraduate and graduate students from 116 different universities across the whole of Turkey. In line with the motto: ‘Virtual Risk, Real Excitement’, competitors try and increase a virtual sum of 100,000TL, using real stock exchange, warrant, and currency data.

Thanks to the sponsorship on Garani Investments, Deutsce Bank, BIST and Vestel, our competition offers prizes such as a tour of the New York Stock Exchange, 10,000TL in cash and interships with SPK, BİST and Garanti Investments.

The start date of the competition, which will continue from where it left off at full speed, will be announced in due course.


1 Eylül 2015

ADhere için geri sayım başladı

Sekizincisi Mart 2015’te gerçekleştirilen ADhere, dokuzuncusu için gün sayıyor. 12-13 Aralık 2015’te gerçekleştirilecek olan ADhere için reklamcılıkla ilgili tüm üniversite öğrencilerini bekliyoruz.
1 Eylül 2015

İnsan Kaynakları Zirvesi 28-29 Kasım’da

28-29 Kasım 2015 tarihlerinde Boğaziçi Üniversitesinde gerçekleşecek olan zirve başta Boğaziçi Üniversitesi olmak üzere her üniversiteden öğrenciye açık olacak. Seni de aramızda görmeyi bekliyoruz.
1 Eylül 2015

Yeni web sitemiz yayına başladı

Web sitemizde BUİK ile özdeşleşmiş etkinliklerimizi, basında hakkımızda çıkan haberleri, fotograf ve videoları bulabileceksiniz. Ayrıca BUİK ile kurumsal bilgilere de yeni web sitemizden kolaylıkla ulaşabileceksiniz.